Fannie Mae Loan Program now available for as little as 5% down with no mortgage insurance for primary residents and 10% down with no mortgage insurance for second homes and investors. The features and benefits are:
  • 1 to 4 unit Properties
  • NO Appraisal Required
  • Low Credit Score
  • Up to 6% Contributions
  • NO Mortgage Insurance
  • Up to 10 Financed Properties
  • Flexible Terms



Many of you are asking me about the $100 Down program- you need to come in to qualify but the general terms are as follows:
  • 1 to 4 Unit Properties are Eligible
  • Must be a approved HUD Home
  • Max Loan Amount is $400,000
  • Low Credit Scores
  • $100 Down Payment

The loans are available in Las Vegas and are ready for owner occupied borrowers


Loan Modification

I've been asked 100's of times if Loan Modification is a scam. I recommend you do your research on the company providing it, ask for references of people whom they actually helped and try not to pay to much money upfront. Modifying your loan can be done by you with a little patience and persistence the bank will assist you if you qualify. Be prepared to provide your bank a financial snapshot, letter of hardship, bank statements, and pay check stubs. I find it to be worth a try before you shell out big bucks to get the same result.
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