$8000 Tax Credit Logic

Primaries in early November.- may be the reason that the extension has not be announced. Hopefully we will hear something in the next couple of weeks.If someone hasn't identified a house by now, closing by Nov 30th will be a difficult task. If I had to guess I'd say June 2010 extension, $8k for ALL buyers (except investors) JUST MY LOGIC!! Again, I also think there will be some legislators running for goodwill just prior to the primaries so we'll see if and what they say. . .


Meeting with clients today, feeling like everyone has the same uncertainty about the real estate market. The prices are great and the interest rates are low. Why not buy? If you don't own you are paying someones mortgage.Why not pay your own? Think about it, if you are going to pay the same as you would to rent, what are you waiting for? Uncertain or have questions contact me- professional advice always free....

$8000 Tax Credit/ Military

The $8000 tax credit is shortly coming to an end. There is still plenty of time to close your home and take advantage of this great opportunity.
Are you in the military- this may be extended for you:
HR 3590 will allow eligible military personnel and foreign service and intelligence officers to apply for the $8,000 tax credit for one year beyond its current November 30 deadline. Those meeting the underlying requirements for the credit must also be serving overseas or have spent at least 90 days deployed outside of the country during the current calendar year. It is expected that about 350,000 military personnel and an unknown number of federal employees may be affected by the new law.
This is more than like to pass through the Senate...


Pending sales rose once again for the seventh consecutive month across the United States. The NAR states that the contracts signed and placed in off market status was up 6.4 percent to 103.8, the longest month to month gain since 2001. Most were expecting a rise in home sales but it was estimated to be not more than 1 percent. This is definitely showing a steady amount of home buyers returning to the market and newcomers joining homeownership.
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