Major Bank Settlement -Do you qualify?

The $25 billion foreclosure settlement unveiled Thursday is expected to help many borrowers who are struggling to make their loan payments, owe more than their homes are worth or have lost their homes to foreclosure. But the rules of the deal are complicated and banks have three years to meet their obligations. The questions and answers below should help borrowers figure out if they qualify for help and what to expect from the process. Red more....

Foreclosure Settlement

WASHINGTON -- Arizona, Michigan and Florida, three of the states hit hardest by the housing crisis, will join a nationwide settlement over foreclosure abuses, sources said Tuesday. They will join more than 40 other states in a deal that would benefit many Americans who lost homes or can't afford their mortgages. Will Nevada join this more

Housing News 2011 Trends

Housing trend for 2011 highlights Housing News

Positive Outlook for Housing

The consumer outlook for U.S. home prices improved again in January, extending a recent upward trend in housing market sentiment, according to mortgage market firm Fannie Mae.
For its monthly reading, Fannie Mae said respondents in its January survey predicted home prices will rise by 1% over the next year, up from the 0.8% gain forecast in December. To read full article

Underwater Mortgages

Will we be able to refinance out of high interest rate mortgages, and secure a lower payment? This is the latest and greatest.

President Obama on Wednesday announced a string of proposals aimed at helping to rejuvenate the sagging housing market, including one plan that would allow responsible homeowners to take advantage of historically low interest rates. Click to read full article

Obama pushes plan to help homeowners with underwater mortgages -
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